The United States is currently on the Road to Economic IMPLOSION.

Fuel "IS" and "HAS" become for sometime now a Utility for our Society to Function.

Why hasn't the UNITED STATES Congress done anything about it ???

ALL FUELS should be DEFINED as a PUBLIC UTILITY, Equal to the Phone Company, Electric Company, Water, and Natural Gas. Then all price Hikes would have to be approved by the Public Service Commission or equivalent in your state.

All Fuel Prices should be rolled back to four months prior to September 11, 2001 or the lowest price for each fuel possible within that time frame.

If nothing is done soon; the result will be HIGHER taxes; mass business bankruptcy, and massive unemployment.

This is not a scare, but a reality we all need to face.  The cost of transportation has not only affected you as a Citizen; it has affected all business profits, your City government, County government, State government, and Federal government Tax base.

How do you think the deficit will be recovered?

Companies will either close or lay off employees !

The Government will only raise TAXES.

TAXES are high enough as it is!!

I urge you to write, call, fax, your State and US Representative to Implement a FUEL Bill ( covering all fuels to be identified, current and future fuels ) to be Voted on by the People; a bill with no hidden clauses; with the exception of a Disaster Clause. Find your Representative at this site -

The disaster or fuel shortage clause should effectively freeze or lower all Fuel prices during a disaster; to ensure all emergency and relief vehicles are given priority to receive fuel if a shortage should exist. When a verifiable shortage does exist; rationing fuel may become an option on odd and even days, by address on driverís licenses or other means to ensure no hoarding by anyone.